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Refinancing Your Mortgage in Colorado

You may be looking to live Rocky Mountain high, but you want to keep your mortgage payment low. If you are looking to refinance your mortgage in Colorado, you want to do what you can to get the best rate possible. Just as you made sure you were getting the best rate when you first got your mortgage, you should make the effort to get the best out of your refinancing experience.

Watch Those Fees

There are often a number of hidden fees in refinancing your Colorado mortgage. Since you are, in a way, starting all over with the mortgage process, you will probably be subject to closing costs, points, application fees, and possibly even PMI. Even companies that claim you can refinance your Colorado mortgage for free may have hidden fees at closing. Be sure you know what fees you may incur when you are refinancing so that you can plan ahead.

Points? Really?

There is some debate as to whether or not you should pay points at closing when you are refinancing your Colorado mortgage. If at all possible, you may want to avoid paying points, because you can always take that money and put it into a payment toward the premium of your mortgage later. However, if paying points is the only way your bank will consider refinancing your Colorado mortgage, you may want to pay the points. Always weigh your long-term vs. monthly savings when you consider paying points on refinancing.

Variable Rate Loans

You need to have a good assessment of your living situation before you decide on the right refinancing program. Many experts will put out a blanket statement that you should completely avoid ARMs when you are refinancing your Colorado mortgage. However, if you are only going to stay in your home for a few years and you need to save money on your monthly payment, then an ARM may not be a bad idea. However, most people who are considering refinancing usually want to take their ARM and move it to a fixed-rate mortgage. If you plan on staying in your Colorado home for a longer term, you will want to move toward a fixed-rate loan.

Compare Rates

When you look at Colorado refinancing interest rates, it is easy to get caught up in a lower rate, but you need to make sure you are making even comparisons. Two companies may want you to pay points with a certain interest rate, while another may have no points tied to it. Even a lower percentage rate can cost you more if points are attached to it. Make sure you do the math when you are considering refinancing your Colorado mortgage to be absolutely sure you are getting the best deal for your situation.

Shop Around

In order to compare Colorado refinancing rates, you need to shop around. No matter how much you like your current bank or lender, they may not be able to give you the best deal.

Check out various lenders to see who can give you the best possible deal on your mortgage. You should try to get a low rate and low fees on your mortgage refinancing without having to compromise yourself. There are a number of online mortgage brokers that allow you to do research on Colorado mortgage refinancing quickly and easily so yo find the right refinancing mortgage for you.


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